Does Monomy work in the Free Kontakt Player?

Yes! It is actually made for it! You can use the Kontakt Player or the Full Version; there's no downside to either of them.

I have trouble installing Monomy in my DAW, What steps should I follow?

To guide you through the installation we have this Installation Guide on our website that shows the process step by step including screenshots. After purchase, you will quickly (after a few minutes) get an email from the pulse team with your serial key (redemption key).

What is Pulse, and how does it relate to using Monomy?

The Pulse Downloader is the industry standard for downloading, installing, updating, buying and managing your sample libraries fast and securely. It's where you'll access and download Monomy. For any Pulse-related questions, their customer service at PulseDownloader.com can assist you, but you can ask us too (support@synthonicaudio.com) if you prefer that.

What is Native Access?

Native Access is a platform by Native Instruments which are the developers and owners of Kontakt and the Kontakt Player. It is a free program that lets you registrate your libraries and make them work on your device. After purchase and registrating, your product will show up in Native Access.

Does Monomy work on Mac and Windows?

Yes. Our Libraries work on Mac and on Windows. They only require a working Kontakt Player 6 or Full Kontakt 6.7.1.

Is the Introduction Bundle royalty-free?

Yes! The sounds from the Introduction Bundle (Drum Kit and Sound Kit) are royalty-free. You can use them in your music without crediting us. Obviously, the same applies to using Monomy in your production. However, the audio samples that were used in Monomy are strictly prohibited from reselling.

Monomy is not showing up in Kontakt?

More than likely you need to update Kontakt or Kontakt Player. Monomy requires Kontakt Player 6 or Kontakt 6.7.1. If you are using an outdated Kontakt, Monomy will not show up! Close Kontakt and launch Native Access. Click on Updates in the left hand column. If Kontakt needs to be updated please click on UPDATE next to it. After updating please re-launch Kontakt and Tympo should now be available!

How can I participate in the community compositions feature mentioned on your website?

Simply send us your work as an mp3 attachment to support@synthonicaudio.com and use this title for your email "MUSIC + [YOUR COMPOSITION TITLE]". Also tell us which Prest(s) you've used, what your name / artist name is and let us know if you want to have your work showcased on our website alongside your name. We can't wait to hear what you come up with!

I bought Monomy as an early adopter. How do I access the bonus kits or additional content promised?

The Bonus Kits come with an additional e-mail and a download link. Check your inbox.

On how much devices can I use Monomy?

You can use it on up to two devices. This is standard for any library working in Kontakt.

Do you have NKS compatibility?

Yes, Monomy is NKS compatible.

Can't see your product in Native Access?

You probably don't have the latest version of Native Access. When opening Native Access there should be a pop-up in the right upper corner that says that you can update Native Access. Click it - After the update, your problem should be solved.

Is there a platform where we can share tips, showcase our work and grow a community?

We really want to get this done. If there are enough people that are willing to make up a cool community, we will set up a discord server or whatever fits best. If you are really interested, please send us an email with the title "Community Platform" so we can send you an invitation as soon as the server gets set up!

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds due to the digital nature of our products. This is considered as normal in the industry of Kontakt Libraries, simply because of the fact that it is impossible to return a digital good. For more information, read our Refund Policy.

Can't find your question over here?

Shoot us an e-mail to support@synthonicaudio.com and we are happy to help you in less than 24 hours.