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Reimagine Synthesis

Explore intricately manipulated and highly sought-after reinterpretations of the most powerful analog sound sources directly in your DAW, such as FL Studio, Ableton or Logic.

Monomy samples the analog feeling of classic VCO-Synthesizers and redefines the sound through exceptional and out of the box manipulation, carrying a depth that eludes traditional vst plugin offers. Made for the FREE Kontakt Player.

Sound examples

Watch the showcase

Watch me explain everything about Monomy's background, the knobs and preview some of its Instruments in the official showcasing video.

The heart of Monomy

Adjust analog controls! We've captured our analog sound sources multiple times with slight variations, allowing you to use the Source Knob to crossfade between different analog settings. Change the Polymod Settings, the amount of OSC2 Detune, or dial in Pulse-Width-Modulation in a way that is even more flexible than it is on the original synthesizers!

Customer Reviews

Audio Examples

Monomy @1beatsbyquali

Sounds used:

Almost There

Brisk Murmur

Dark Currents

DonT Touch

Tumultuous Brasscape

Solitude Symphony

Sounds used:

Tumultuous Brasscape

8-Voice Cello

Law & Order

Sounds used:

Wire Twire


Midnight Journey

Sounds used:

Dark Currents

Believe me

Sounds used:

Mon ami


God's Glory

All melodic sounds come from monomy. No external processing.

Community Tab: Lets' connect! Our goal is to create a community compositions feature here, showcasing your work that you've created using one or more sounds from Monomy alongside your name. More info in the "" file that comes with the download. Let's connect and grow a community!

Unlock Your Sonic Identity

Monomy takes you on a sonic adventure that cannot be experienced anywhere else. Through a highly versatile and unique combination of sound design, sampling techniques and sound manipulation, we managed to create a novel set of sounds that add a one-of-a-kind flavour to your compositions.

Take a look inside

Feel it yourself

*Desktop/Laptop only* + *Headphones recommended*

Feel the depth of monomy with your own hands with our interactive audio demonstration! Each of the controls have their own audio demonstration attached to it. Press a play button and click on the highlighted control above it to change the sound.

Switch and Audio Example

  • +
  • Dark Currents
  • Puzzled Overload
  • It's an OB, Heim

Click through in order to see the explanations for the three previewed patches and watch the part of the showcase video where I am playing with them.

"Dark Currents" is shaped by the dynamic dance of filter modulation. As you elevate the modulation slider, an intricate interplay starts unfolding. The bottom part of the Slider controls the amount of Modulation that takes place. While increasing the amount, you adjust the shape and pace of the underlying LFO that delicately manipulates the Cutoff Frequency. 

Listen to me playing with the Patch:

"Puzzled Overload" navigates through a puzzling distortion that intensifies as you twist the modulation slider clockwise, nearly tearing the sound apart. Explore distorted elegance, stacked layers of grit, covering the once so narrow sine wave. 

Listen to me playing with the Patch:

"It's an OB, Heim" emerges as a tribute to the mesmerizing essence of the OB-X8's initial patch. With a turn of the Space Knob, witness how an array of thoughtfully chosen effects intensifies and widens the sound while Monomy's distinct convolution Reverb, as well as some more modulation, come into play.

Listen to me playing with the Patch:

Made for the Free Kontakt Player

No Disadvantage. Use the Free Kontakt Player or Kontakt Full.

Incredible Sound Depth

220+ Samples on average per Instrument.

Adjust analog Controls

Unique sound experience due to one-of-a-kind sampling techniques.

Limited offer

  • FREE TR-808 Drum Kit
  • FREE SK-1 Sound Kit

Get access to the legendary drum sounds of the iconic TR-808 drum machine. It is truly a classic due to its influental sound that shaped diverse musical genres and laying the foundation for modern music production.

Get this drum kit for free on top of Monomy now!*

*With the purchase of monomy you will automatically get access to the add-ons via e-mail.

The SK-1 Sampler comes with 10 classic one shots from brass to piano to human voice samples. We've also ran some sounds from Monomy through the 80s Sampler to give them the one-of-a-kind texture. This Sampler is very limited but really a playground for every producer.

Get this sound kit for free on top of Monomy now!*

*With the purchase of monomy you will automatically get access to the add-ons via e-mail.

More than 10.000€ worth of the most powerful analog gear was used to create Monomy, a creative synthesizer instrument that you can get for only 59,99€ right now!

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  • FREE Kontakt Player 6.7.1 or Kontakt Full 6.7.1 and Above

  • MacOS 10.14 or Windows 10 and Above

  • ≈ 21.87gb Disc Space (External/Internal)

    ≈ 54.66gb During Installation

  • Monomy can be used inside Kontakt as a standalone or plug-in (VST/AU/AAX) in your favourite DAW, no matter if you use the Kontakt Player or Kontakt Full.