"The foundation of a composition is the sound itself. A good music producer always seeks new sounds to keep their compositions novel. We bring this originality to your sound archive. We provide you with new, high-quality, and unique sounds. That's what we stand for."

From Idea to Reality: Our Founding Story

Synthonic Audio was born out of my unwavering desire for new sounds. There’s one constant that goes through my whole journey of being a music producer and that is starting a new project with a new sound, completely different from the one that started the project before. I am always on the hunt for original sounds.

Having explored countless plugins, I frequently found them lacking in excitement, originality, and warmth. It was in the realm of analog synthesizers, particularly those boasting Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs), that I found the magic I was missing.

When I was designing the sounds, I'd often wonder when a patch was done. Can it really be finished? Can it be perfect? Not really. I would tweak things, save it, and then do it all again. Multiple versions of the same thing each just a little different. It reminds me of the “Mix17_finished_final_for_real_04.wav” that every producer had to deal with at one point.

So I started sampling multiple versions of the sounds. I played with the amount of PWM, with the Polymod Settings, the OSC2 Detune or any other setting that you can think of. The Result: A ton of recordings AND the Source Knob.

I would continue to tweak those recordings, taking great care not to overprocess the sounds, using specific FX chains or guitar pedals to add more layers. I've also played a lot with complex LFO combinations and Scripting, discovering creative ways to shape the sound.

After all of this manipulation, the patch on my Laptop didn’t sound anywhere near the patch that I designed on the Synth - for good. I successfully created something new. No one could ever remake these sounds exactly how they are. I probably couldn’t do it myself, and that’s magical. Real refreshing sounds. Really something new. In the end, I discovered it, I guess – the magic that I was searching for.

Ironically, I’ve only used these sounds for a good time now, over and over again - but that’s just because they sound SO GOOD.

  • Made for the Free Kontakt Player

    No Disadvantage. Use the Free Kontakt Player or Kontakt Full.

  • Incredible Sound Depth

    220+ Samples on average per Instrument.

  • Adjust analog Controls

    Unique sound experience due to one-of-a-kind sampling techniques.